October Road

October Road


  • Date: 1/04/2018
  • Time: 9:30 PM

October Road has been racking up the miles and doing their best to play the most current, and classic, country, pop, and rock cover tunes, while also releasing four albums of their own music! Distance has never been, nor will it ever be an obstacle for the guys, as they’ve performed as far north as the Canadian border, all the way down to Nashville, TN, with countless cities, towns, and farms in between. Their sound has best been described as “Funky Country”, as they try to bring a soulful, upbeat approach to all the music they play, regardless of genre, the result of which is folks who say they “don't like country”, or “never listen to rock”, find themselves tapping to the beat, or kickin’ it up on the dance floor before they realize the song being played is the “Type They Don't Like”!

When it comes to their original music, there is only one rule that is applied: the song must have strong lyrics, which the guys feel is often lacking in much of modern music today. With many songwriting idols as their motivation, they aim to craft songs that are relatable, and have an overall sense of purpose. With their new release, “Yesterday's News”, the guys feel they’ve finally put out the album they’ve been trying to make since releasing their first album in 2004. With quality songwriting and performances, and access to top notch recording facilities for an extended amount of time, they were able to capture the magic that is making music in a way that limited resources or lack of time never allowed before.

October Road is Shawn Smalley on lead vocals, and acoustic and electric guitars, Michael “MG” Grate on vocals/bass guitar, Mike Brunette on vocals/keyboards, Kyle Christensen on vocals and lead guitar, and Pat “Patio” Hewitt banging out the beat on the drums and singing in the stratosphere on backing vocals! They are five guys who not only love sharing a stage together, but genuinely enjoy each others company away from the sound and lights. Please join them for a night of song and dance when they travel to a city near you, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: www.octoberroadband.com